Best American Casinos Best Vegas Casino Restaurants

1. Barona Valley Ranch and Resort

Nestled in a beautiful valley about 25 minutes from
downtown San Diego, its loose games (the best high
stakes blackjack in the world), spectacular design, all
star service and world class golf course make it the
best golf and gambling resort in history. Period.

Barona Valley Ranch Casino

2. Horseshoe Casino in Costa Rica
Located in the infamous “Gringo Gulch” area of San
Jose, it’s the only Horseshoe in the World that
Harrah’s hasn’t Harrahsized and that’s because they
don’t own it. The games are loose, the comps are
looser and you can gamble right inside their nightclub
while the joint is jumping. And if you get tired of
gambling, within an hour or two you can be riding a
screaming zip line across the top of a rain forest, white
water rafting stage 5 falls, catching sailfish, playing golf
or just be hanging out on the side of a volcano that
rumbling and pouring lava 24/7. And best of all....this
casino will comp it all for black chip players.

Horseshoe Casino

3. Mohegan Sun

It's huge, they never sweat the money,
they have fair games (for the east coast, anyway),
the staff is attentive and friendly, the food and
entertainment are world class and the interior casino
design is over the top. Twice. The only problem with the
joint is trying to find a seat at a blackjack on weekends
because it's so damned busy

Mohegan Sun

4. Hard Rock in Las Vegas
A hedonists dream, it has more beautiful women per
square foot than the Playboy Mansion and if you've got
a pocket full of cash or a stack of black chips in front of
you, you will get lucky there. And might even win some
Hard Rock Hotel

5. Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

If money’s no object (like that’ll ever happen in
Vegas), The Venetian is without compare. With
good games (they still have the stones to deal a
pitch blackjack game, unlike the Wynn or Bellagio),
spectacular architecture, cutting edge shows, trendy
nightclubs and arguably the best array of fine dining
restaurants under one roof on earth, it easily qualifies
as one of the classier joints you’ll ever set foot in. The
bad news here is that it’s pretty much only for rich folks
and there aren’t many comp moves available. OK, Max
was wrong. Forget about the Venetian if they’re too
stingy to let you eat for free. Go up the street to
Caesars. Although it’s now a Harrah’s property, they
haven’t ruined it (yet) and savvy comp wizards can still
liberate the food, games, shows and rooms on the
cheap. As an added bonus, they’ve got a “European
Pool,” which means the women can sunbathe topless.
Be warned, however: Some of the older and more well
fed ladies who choose to expose their torsos do so at
the risk of your going blind.
Caesars Palace