Although Max has a perfect face for radio, he’s somehow managed to snag more than his share of TV time the past couple of years and in some cases he’s even gotten paid.

Here’s a list of some of the shows you can catch Max on this year:

Breaking Vegas on The History Channel.

This is a terrific series about a few of Max's pals (and a couple of folks he doesn’t care to know) who figured out ways to take down Vegas and other casinos around the world It’s probably the best series about “Crossroaders” ever done. The first run is over, but you can go to to check for reruns.

Sucker Bets—The Travel Channel.

This contest, filmed about five years ago, has Max matched up against Anthony Curtis in a battle of math versus luck. It’s only shown about five hundred times so far, but people keep watching it, so it must be good. And Mr. Rubin has beaten Mr. Curtis all 500 times, so it’s one of Max’s all time favorite TV shows.

Smorgasbord of Vegas Shows—The Travel Channel.

Any time they have “Vegas Week” on the Travel Channel (every few months), Max is on about a dozen programs. Basically, if it’s about Vegas and it’s on the Travel Channel, it’s a pretty good bet that he's on it.