Dr. Edward Thorp

The inventor of card counting, his best-selling Beat the
, published in 1962, changed the way blackjack
was played against - and by - casinos forever.
Dr. Edward Thorp

Ken Uston

The most famous professional blackjack player of all
time.  He wrote Million Dollar Blackjack and The Big Player
while winning a fortune in Las Vegas and Atlantic City
Ken Uston

Stanford Wong

Author of Professional Blackjack and inventor of "back
counting."  He had a 30-year career and is widely
regarded as the world's foremost authority on casino
tournament play.
Stanford Wong

Arnold Snyder

The "Bishop of Blackjack," he published Blackjack Forum
magazine, invented the Red 7's count, and developed
numerous sophisticated techniques that intelligent
players have used to exploit blackjack for the past 20
Arnold Snyder

Max Rubin

A former casino executive and professional blackjack
player, he wrote Comp City, which bared long-held
casino comp secrets and showed non-professional
players how to play with an advantage.
Max Rubin

Peter Griffin

The greatest analytical mind to ever play the game.
He wrote "The Theory of Blackjack," which is still
considered the most complete mathematical
treatise of blackjack ever written.
Peter Griffin

Tommy Hyland

The most successful team leader - and solo player -
in history.  His count team has won millions over the
past two decades and continues to flourish today.
Tommy Hyland

Keith Taft

The most creative of all the blackjack intellectuals.
He developed the first blackjack computer in 1972.
His inventions were used to legally harvest untold
millions from casinos throughout the '70s and '80s.
Keith Taft
Julian Braun

The author of How to Play Winning Blackjack, he's
best known for the vast amount of blackjack
programming he did for virtually every notable
blackjack author through 1975 and is widely
credited for developing the programs that led to
Dr. Thorp and Lawrence Revere's advanced card
counting system.
Julian Braun

Lawrence Revere

As an author, he wrote the legendary Playing Blackjack
as a Business
in 1969 and developed the first
simplified method to determine the True Counts. 
A prolific blackjack player, he mastered card
counting, shuffling tracking and hole card play.
Lawrence Revere

Frank Schipani

Credited with inventing team blackjack play, he is
generally regarded as the “Godfather of team
blackjack.” Boasting an innovative career that has
spanned six decades, he is among the most respected
blackjack players in the world. 

Frank Shipani

James Grosjean

The author of “Beyond Counting,” Grosjean is known
among his peers as the best blackjack player alive and
he is both loathed and feared by casinos which have
been pummeled by James on both the tables and courts
of laws.

James Grosjean

John Chang

The inspiration for the character “Mickey Rosa” in the
best selling “Brining down the house” and major motion
picture “21,” Chang was among the leaders of the
infamous MIT Blackjack Team and has enjoyed one of
the more successful blackjack careers of all time. 


The Four Horsemen

Roger Baldwin, Wilbert Cantey, Herbert Maisel and
James McDermott -- long known by blackjack insiders
as the nearly mythical “Four Horsemen,” in the 1950’s
these four analysts used only desk calculators and their
considerable brain power to determine the optimal
strategy for playing blackjack.    

The Four Horsemen
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