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“You can’t gamble by the clock...Time can place a limitation on pleasure.” Nick the Greek Dandalos

“The next best thing to playing and winning is playing and losing. The main thing is to play.” Nick the Greek

“What are hunches but mysterious messages coming out of the depths of our minds through some sort of mental telepathy?” Harold S. Smith—Owner of “Harold’s Club” casino in Reno, Nevada

“I don’t believe in hunches. Hunches are for dogs making love.” Amarillo Slim

“Nobody is always a winner and anybody who says he is, is either a liar or doesn’t play poker.” Amarillo Slim

“You can shear a sheep a lot of times, but you can only skin him once.” Amarillo Slim

“Sometimes the lambs slaughter the butcher.” Amarillo Slim

“Fear can make a sucker do some of the most drastic things you ever taking a job.” Minnesota Fats (1966)

“The people who run the casino are tough and smart is so many ways, but they belong in the Dark Ages...They explain the phenomena of their world the way the ancient astrologers did. They really believe that dice get hot.” Edward O. Thorp—Quoted in “The Green Felt Jungle.”

“My money didn’t just jump in my pocket.” Benny Binion

“Mine did.” Max Rubin