Best American Casinos Best Vegas Casino Restaurants

1. Michael’s at the Barbary Coast
If you’ve ever wanted to know what it was like to dine in glory in the golden age of Vegas when the mob ran everything, you have got to eat at Michael’s. With red velvet wingback chairs that make you feel like a king (or queen depending on your persuasion), red velvet walls and a delightfully snooty wait staff that prepares almost everything tableside, it’s the only bonafide throwback restaurant in town with one exception: It’s one of the most expensive restaurant in Vegas (and that’s saying something these days). The women are presented with menus that have no prices (for a reason—even the Dover Sole goes for $75 a slice ala carte), but don’t let that hold you back. It’s also one of the easiest premium comps to score and Max has personally sampled Michael’s majestic fare dozens of times on the casino’s dime.

2. Ni9e at the Palms
“It’s all good” might be the most overused cliché among the hip and those that wish they were in Vegas, but at Nine it’s all good. Possibly the most comptastic meal deal in Vegas, they serve up a 2 ½ lb. lobster TAIL that sets paying customers back $145 that can serve up to three normal people (and makes a tasty appetizer for Max). The steaks, the sides, the drinks, the service and the celebrity sightings are all great and Ni9e is a must-dine event for anyone who wants to sample what contemporary Vegas gluttony is all about.

3. Delmonico’s at the Venetian

This is TV celebrity chef Emeril’s Vegas steakhouse and it’s the best Max has ever tried. Food comps are almost impossible to score at the Venetian, so be prepared to cough up at least $125 a head if you do it even semi-right. They’ve got the best servers in town, so be prepared to leave a handsome, wallet busting toke when you’re done.

4. Emeril’s at the MGM Grand

This is hands down the best seafood restaurant in Vegas. Very pricey (Max took the wife and two kids there for lunch one day and, without adult beverages, the bill came to $225...thankfully, it was comped), it’s all worth it and every item is something to write home about. Whatever you eat for your main course, make sure to leave room for the best banana cream pie in the universe. Plan on waddling back to your room for a nap when you’re done.

5. The Snack Bar at Slots O’ Fun.
Why is this greasy spoon that has all the ambiance of a skid row bus terminal listed on Max’s top five? One word: The ¾ lb. hotdog. With Cheese. And Chili. And Mustard and Ketchup and Onions and Relish. Max samples it at least twice a year to make sure he is digestically balanced and it has never been anything less than spectacular. If you’ve ever said “to hell with it” and given in to your primal cravings without regard to health (and who hasn’t?) you have to give this meat log a try. An added plus is that when you get it all over you, you’ll look just like the couple sitting next to you (although it’s three to one that you won’t be as, er, large).