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If you think you’ve got the stuff to make it to the second round of the Ball, take a shot at these two preliminary tests from the 2003 and 2004 events.

Blackjack Ball 2003 Round One Questions

1. If you’re playing single deck at Barona, which we hope you don’t and the dealer exposes her hole card, which we hope she won’t and has a King up with a seven in the hole, what should you do with a pair of twos?
a. Surrender.
b. Split
c. Hit
d. Tell the dealer you saw the hole card and just don’t feel comfortable working with extra information ask her to please more vigilant when tucking her card in the future.

2. True or False? Although it was perfectly legal until two days ago, it is now a crime to use computers to play blackjack and other card games at licensed gaming establishments in California.

3. Which one of these states has the most licensed legal blackjack games?
a. Washington
b. Oregon
c. California
d. Nevada

4. True or False. According to Bob Loeb, it is a Federal felony to check into a hotel or obtain a slot club card using a fake state-issued ID.

5. Name the latest casino to expand its operation in St. Louis?

6. Other than Andy Anderson, which nominee into the Blackjack Hall of Fame got the least amount of votes on Anthony Curtis Las Vegas Advisor online public poll?
a. Keith Taft
b. Johnny Chang
c. Lance Humble
d. Alan Brown

7. True or False? There are more people than chickens on planet earth.

8. According to Gaming and Wagering Magazine, the most profitable casino in the world in 2002 was
a. Mohegan Sun
b. Genting Highlands
c. Foxwoods
d. Intercasino (on the web)

9. True or False? Michael Gaughan, owner of the Coast properties, filed a business model patent application two weeks ago in which he is claiming ownership of the concept of card counters calling other players into a blackjack game when the count is favorable to the player.

10. You’re betting full Kelly. Your bankroll is $100,000. You’re playing double deck and it’s .2 off the top. The running count is +3 with a deck and half left. Variance notwithstanding, how much should you bet?

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