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11. According to Peter Griffin’s Theory of Blackjack, on a shoe game, which of these situations gives the player the worst EV?
a. Player 8 versus dealer 9 up. -.21
b. Player 17 versus dealer 2 up. -.15
c. Player 15 versus dealer 6 up -.15
d. Player 18 versus dealer Ace up -.10

12. True or False? Barry Bonds had the highest slugging percentage in Major League Baseball in 2002. .

13. You’re playing Double Bonus video poker. Which of these is the best hand to be dealt?
a. AAA55
b. 44455
c. It doesn’t matter, both hands are worth the same.

14. True or False? The United States won the most medals at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

15. In the most recent edition of Comp City, what does the acronym ACES stand for?

16. Arizona’s Native American casinos will open house banked blackjack games within the next five months. Which of these rules was not part of the compacts negotiated with the state?
a. The maximum bet is $500 per hand.
b. Naturals must pay 3-2.
c. All games must be dealt out of a shoe or continuous shuffling machine.
d. All games must use an automatic shuffler.

17. True or False? You’re playing Jacks or Better Video Poker. You’re dealt a ace, king and queen of spades and hold them. Just before you draw, an announcement comes over the P.A. telling you that the next Royal Flush that hits will pay an additional $2,000 bonus. True or False? Although the announcement was certainly good news, the value of your current hand increased less than $2. True. It’s $1.85. Slightly more than 1000 different combinations.

18. On a single deck game, which of these four options or rule variations is the most valuable for the player?
a. Late surrender
b. Double on three or more cards
c. Double after split
d. Dealer stands on soft seventeen

19. If you’re playing Double Double Bonus and draw 3 to AK suited, it’s easier to hit four Aces than a Royal Flush? False.

20. Spell Surveillance.

21. According to the Wizard of Odds Blackjack House Edge Calculator, what is the house edge on this game, to the nearest two one hundredths of one percent? Four Decks. Stand on Soft 17. Double After Split on Any First Two Cards. Resplit up to four times. Late Surrender.

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