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  “They gambled in the garden of Eden and they will again if there’s another one.” Richard Albert Canfield (1855-1914)

“Every conscious act requires risk. Every conscious act requires decision. Put these two facts together and you realize that the secret to life is not to avoid gambling but to gamble well.” Mike Caro (Mike Caro on Gambling..1984)

“ The most fundamental principle of all in gambling is simply equal conditions...To the extent to which you depart from that equality, if it is in your opponent’s favor, you are a fool, and if in your own, you are unjust.” Gerolamo Cardano (The Games of Chance 1520)

“The urge to gamble is so universal and its practice so pleasurable, that I assume it must be evil.” Haywood Brown—The Gambler’s Bible 1976

“When his palm gets hold of the dice, the rich man is (no better than) a pauper in his company.” Al-Imad Al-Isfahani (Gambling in Islam 1975)

“I must complain the cards were ill shuffled until I have a good hand.” Jonathan Swift—1728

“ The card and chips have hearts and souls and you can’t help but try to get in touch with them when you gamble.” Anonymous

“All gamblers are paranoid, though they call it superstition.” Mario Puzo

“At gambling, the deadly sin is to mistake bad play for bad luck.” Ian Fleming

“In playing there are two pleasures for your choosing—The one is winning, and the other losing.” Lord Byron (1826)

“Gamblers bet on possibilities. Pros bet on probabilities.” Bob Dancer

“No use gambling if you can’t lose your head once in a while.” Larry Merchant at National Football Lottery in 1973

“Big egos and big losses go hand in hand.” John Gollehon—A Gambler’s Little Instruction Book (1994)

“Mathematics...are a good servant to the poker player but a bad master.” Hubert Phillips (1960)

“Dice have their laws, which the courts of justice cannot undo.” St. Ambrose (d. 397)

“Betting stimulates the caring glands. That is where there is so much caring at the racetrack.” Larry Merchant

“There’s a sucker born every minute.” Phineas T. Barnum

“A sucker has to die every minute to make room for the one that is born.” Police Gazette (1907)

“And remember Dearie, never give a sucker an even break.” W.C. Fields

“Anything worth having is worth cheating for.” W.C. Fields

“Losing as much money as I can get hold of is an instant solution to my economic problems.” Lucian Freud

“In a bet there’s a fool and a thief.” Proverb

“Many players will not improve because they cannot bear self-knowledge.” David Mamet (1986)

“One should always play fair when one has the winning cards.” Oscar Wilde

“Beat him, eat him and get out.” Richard Price, Screenwriter—The Color of Money

“All losers exaggerate because they want you to know how bad they feel.” Mike Caro

“I shall never believe that God plays dice with the world.” Einstein

“God not only plays dice. He also sometimes throws the dice where they cannot be seen.” Steven Hawking

“It’s not enough to succeed. Others must fail.” Gore Vidal

“There’s no great genius without a touch of madness.” Seneca