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Quotes By Max - Possible Original (He'll Take Credit Until Told Otherwise)
  Most of the Tweezer Butts who run casinos these days live by the math and completely forget that there are people involved.

Gambling’s like sex. It exposes everyone for who they really are and most of the time it ain’t pretty.

The games we play define who we are.

Everyone’s a high roller in his own mind. We all bet to the level that makes us tingle.

Playing blackjack is the only thing I’ve ever done that made math fun.

We always blame the dealer unless we’re winning.

Gamblers go from being atheists to believers in a single session.

Secretly, we all hate the guy who won the lottery when we didn’t. Especially when he doesn’t quit his job.

The guy you’ve gotta watch is the guy who doesn’t trust anyone.

It takes a lot of skill to hide your talent.

Your bankroll grows or shrinks in direct relations to the size of the your balls.

You don’t see a lot of psychics listing their gambling wins when they file their taxes.

No matter how your luck’s running, it can always get worse.

If you’re lucky enough to be playing blackjack in America, you’re lucky enough.

I talk to God and make deals with him every time I gamble. Otherwise, I leave him alone.

When you’re playing, everything around you takes on a new meaning. If they’re playing rap music and I’m winning, I want to hear more rap. And I hate rap.

He’s so cheap he looks forward to getting on an airplane for the free food. (Talking about a legendary MIT blackjack team cheapskate.)

It’s easy to play smart. Just think about what you’d normally do and then do the opposite. (Max’s advice to a pit boss playing in the World Series of Blackjack).

I didn’t have the benefit of a higher education. I went to UNLV.

If you can’t win with class, you’re a loser no matter how many chips you have.

If you’re not excited when you win, why bother?

When you win, you almost expect to see your face on the billboards when you leave the casino. When you lose, you hope nobody knows who you are.

Sometime the cards unfold just like you’ve planned. And boy, are you smart.

Being a professional blackjack player is a lonely job. The casinos hate you, you’re on the road a lot, you don’t get to share you tales with a lot of folks because you’re afraid they’ll rat you out. Winning takes some getting used to.

Casino bosses aren’t the experts. They’re the umpires.

The house edge is kinda like a seat rental, you just don’t know what it’s going to cost when you sit down.

If I pray for an ace and get an ace, I sometimes think that my wishes had something to do with it.

The problem with compulsive gamblers isn’t that they gamble too much. It’s that they lose. Instead of taking a 12 step program, they should invest $12 bucks in some good used gambling books and learn how to play.

Casinos like to call it gaming. But you ain’t gaming. You’re gambling.

Smart guys play fair. Dumb guys cheat.

You want to know what it’s like to be schizophrenic? Start gambling. You’ll hear plenty of voices and the loudest will be the sneaky little hunches telling you to bet more.

If you don’t stay away from casinos, all you’ll ever do is have fun.

If you’re not obsessive, there’s no point in being a professional gambler.

I’ve never heard about anybody committing suicide with a pocket full of chips.

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